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Di sec butyl ether

Improve your business roi - get a better deal on butyl ether. For amino acid residues interacted with phenyl, butyl & octyl groups. Kovach iii jw and seider wd. Sec- butyl ether. Note: cheméo is only indexing the data, follow the source links to retrieve the latest data.

Iupac standard inchi: inchi= 1s/ c8h18o/ c/ h7- 8h, 5- 6h2, 1- 4h3. Expertise on every level to craft science & technology solutions in life science. Hbr, heat ( c) di- n- butyl ether + hot concd. Peer- reviewed papers · peer- reviewed papers · research protocols. A) sec- butyl isopropyl ether concd. Find more compounds similar to di- sec- butyl ether. Find diethylene glycol butyl ether available today at sigma- aldrich.

It is also obtained as a byproduct during the synthesis of the butyl esters of higher acids; it occurs in the recovered alcohol and can be obtained by extractive distillation with water, drying, and rectification. Di- n- butyl ether is produced by dehydrating 1- butanol with sulfuric acid. Die verbindung ist wie die meisten dialkylether relativ reaktionsträge. The source is also providing more information like the publication year, authors and more. The ring- opening polymerization ( rop) of cyclic esters/ carbonates is a crucial approach for the synthesis of biocompatible and biodegradable polyesters.

The support you need to optimize operations. Com has been visited by 10k+ users in the past month. Customer service. It is soluble in water and miscible with many common solvents, and also has low volatility and. Read customer reviews & find best sellers.

Responsive service. Di- tert- butyl ether is a tertiary ether that is used as a solvent. Reliable supplier. Butane, 2, 2' - oxybis- 2, 2' - oxybisbutane.

Search by systematic name, synonym, trade name, registry number, smiles or inchi. Formula: c 8 h 18 o; molecular weight: 130. Discover hundreds of ways to save on your favorite products. Only drum quantities available - call 855- tex- chem for details! Naoh ( e) ethoxybenzene concd. Journal of chemical and engineering data, 33( 1),.

Heading/ subheading: stat suf fix: article description: unit of quantity: rates of duty: 1: 2: general: special: 9902. Linear formula: ch 3 ch 2 ch( ch 3) och( ch 3) ch 2. Mtbe is a volatile, flammable, and colorless liquid that is sparingly soluble in water. Sugars, chemically pure, other than sucrose, lactose, maltose, glucose and fructose; sugar ethers, sugar acetals and sugar esters, and their salts, other than products of heading 2937, 2938 or 2939:. Ether; dimethyl ether; diethyl ether; diisopropyl ether; references. 01: frozen, boiled glutinous corn ( other than. H2o ( b) 2- ethoxy- 2- methylpentane + concd. Avantor services provides a wide range of specialized services and digital solutions to help you solve complex challenges. Chemsrc provides di- sec- butyl ether( cas# : msds, density, melting point, boiling point, structure, formula, molecular weight etc.

Free 2- day shipping w/ amazon prime. Free essays, homework help, flashcards, research papers, book reports, term papers, history, science, politics. Download the identifier in a file. Di- sec- butylether ist eine bei raumtemperatur flüssige chemische verbindung aus der gruppe der ether, genauer ein gemisch von drei stereoisomeren ethern. Articles of di- sec- butyl ether are included as well.

Di- sec- butyl ether. Di- tert- butyl ether is a tertiary ether that is used as a solvent. Butyl di glycol ( also known as bdg, butyl dioxitol, diethylene glycol monobutyl ether, 2 ( - 2butoxyethoxy) ethanol and butoxydiethylene glycol) is a colourless, clear organic compound with a faint characteristic odour that has the formula c 8 h 18 o 3. Vapor- liquid and liquid- liquid equilibria for the system sec- butyl- alcohol- di- sec- butyl ether- water. Can one prepare di- sec- butyl ether in good yield by heating butan- 2- ol in the presence of sulfuric acid? 2, 2' - oxybisbutane; ( sec- c4h9) 2o; bis( 2- butyl) ether information on this page: notes; other. Molecular weight: 130.

Chemicals for research & pharma industry. Take the time to validate and double check the source of the data. Brands: sigma- aldrich, millipore, whatman™, safc, milli- q, supelco. Department of chemistry, zhejiang university hangzhou 310027 p. Research use only. Hi, heat ( g) trans- 2, 3- epoxyoctane h. Synonyms: di- sec- butyl ether. Formula: c 8 h 18 o. Get the deals now!

Methyl tertiary- butyl ether ( mtbe), also known as methyl tert- butyl ether and tert- butyl methyl ether, is an organic compound with a structural formula ( ch 3) 3 coch 3. Konstitutionsisomere sind di- n- butylether, diisobutylether und di- tert- butylether.

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